Copyright and related matters

Intellectual property rights over original content published in this site are reserved by the author.

However, the author is amenable to re-publishing of entire articles or images upon request. (Please use the contact page, and indicate the purpose and intended location of re-publication.) This prior-consent requirement does not apply when the content is to be used for educational purposes (within academic institutions, formal or non-formal), but attribution must be retained.

Fair use provisions certainly apply, so excerpts may be freely distributed without prior consent as long as attributions are retained.

Sharing of content on social media is usually fair use, as only an excerpt is copied at most. The automatic inclusion of a ‘featured image’ when sharing an article’s link on most social media sites is also acceptable.

In all cases, it is requested that attribution should consist of at least this site’s name (in the form ‘Reverse Delay’, if possible), and a link to the source (specifically a permalink1 to the related content).

Fair use provisions are also invoked for the publishing of non-original photographs or images in this site. Attribution is often not included where the content is obviously non-original and widely available (because the source is understood to be easily inferred from the context of the content), such as with: film stills/screen captures, film posters, and album cover art. Wherever photographs or images are not obviously non-original and unattributed, they may be assumed, but not categorically claimed, to be the original work of the site’s author.

Copyright over comments posted in this site remain with the comments’ submitters. The integrity of submitted comments are guaranteed (i.e., the site’s author promises not to edit their contents as submitted), although the site’s author reserves the power to entirely delete or ‘disapprove’ (to effectively delete) submissions.

1—A permalink or permanent link is the URL of a page on this site which displays a single, complete article. For images, the permalink attributed should be that of the post or page on which the image is found, not the URL of the image itself.


2017 January 24: Rephrased and clarified the paragraph on the attribution and use of photographs and images. Added “film stills/screen captures” as specific example of content used under fair use, often left unattributed, but not claimed to be original work. Unattributed images are now no longer categorically claimed to be the original work of the site’s author. Also: added note on integrity of comments, and the reservation of the power to delete them.