About the site

What is Reverse Delay?

Reverse Delay is a blog by DJ Ramones on various cultural topics (films, music, literature, travel, society, etc.) with a special interest in Philippine cinema. He started it in 2012 simply as a venue for writing practice, but over the years he gravitated towards writing essays about films.

Selected posts from this blog between September 2016 and August 2017 have been featured on Inquirer.net Opinion (as part of the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s ThINQ program).

Who is the author?

DJ Ramones is a twenty-something Filipino residing in Quezon City. Currently, he works as an information technologist for a small company that sits at the curious intersection of agriculture, finance, and tech. He studied industrial engineering at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, where he is also currently pursuing a master’s degree.

He is a founding member of the pioneering podcast on Philippine cinema, Third World Cinema Club. He also tweets under the handle @reversedelay.

(And yes, he wrote this page in the third person.)

Why is the site named Reverse Delay?

Because the blog was started without a niche topic, it was appropriate to have a nice-sounding name that meant nothing in particular, that did not allude to a specific subject area. ‘Reverse delay’, which the author heard from the Taken by Cars song, This is Our City, is one such beautiful, apparently nonsensical phrase. Only later, while putting up this page, did he discover that it actually refers to a sound effect often used for electric guitars. He thinks that’s cool.

This page was last updated in October 2021.


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